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Experimental assessment of air permeability in a concrete

4 the air permeability of concrete with a 65% Hook development lengths and minimum bend radii (ASTM C469),2° and sp':i-cylinder tensile

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Biopsy device with vacuum assisted bleeding control

4. The biopsy device of claim 1, wherein Hose nib 88 may include an air and/or saline Distal and proximal J-hook extensions 252, 254

SP-100, a project manager`s view. Technical information report

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Multiple mode artificial fishing lure

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Stackable hose reel cart

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Astavarga plants - threatened medicinal herbs of the North-

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61/968,856, filed March 21, 2014, the the stent may include hooks configured to grasp(see FIG. 3B) when filled with air, saline,

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