large diameter concrete hose whip

Method for sidetracking below reduced-diameter tubulars

or anchoring assembly and getting this device in the large diameter cavity. as well as whipstock 34, can be removed from the wellbore, and the

Mobile telescoping whip antenna with impedance matched feed

An antenna element 3 of this whip antenna comprises a first antenna elementand having a larger inside diameter than the first outer tube part;

Cable, Hose-to-Hose, 1/2" to 1-1/4" Hose ID, 1/8" Diameter

: Kuriyama WC-1 Whipcheck Safety Cable, Hose-to-Hose, 1/2" to 1-1/4" Hose ID, 1/8" Diameter, 125 PSI: Industrial & Scientific

Torque resistant retrievable whipstock

20031119- the apparatus includes a torque resistant retrievable whipstock sealingly and leaves a large diameter seal bore after retrieval of the

with a high content of silicic acid with low diameter

with low diameter variations by vertical pulling. large amounts of silicic acid,the startling Whippey, Nigel REPEP0394640B1 Feb 24, 1990

Thru tubing whipstock and method

A thru tubing whipstock assembly 10 may be set within a casing string CS after passing through the lower end of a smaller diameter tubing string TS

Apparatus and method for lateral well drilling

or a combination thereof through the whipstock large (e.g. often 1.25″ to 3″ in diameterhose in the lateral borehole; with many

Whip antenna assembly exhibiting increased durability

20091019- each aperture exhibiting a diameter sufficiently large to accommodate said The present invention is directed to providing a flexible wh

Apparatus for milling a window in well tubular

whipstock which, in turn, has a guide spaced concrete plug, an expanding anchor, or the likelarge diameter drum and which can be fed into

Deploying the BIG-IP System v11 with Diameter

Document VersionDeployment GuideWelcome to the F5 deployment guide for Diameter traffic management. This guide provides step-by-step procedures for configurin

Terranox DTH Hammers

Air Hose Safety Cable - Whip Socks Air Hose concrete blocks, or old foundations that are larger than the external diameter of the steel

Tunable fiberglass whip antenna

1. A tunable fiberglass whip antenna comprising an elongated tubular fiberlarge diameter section of said bore near the top of said coil, and a

Wooden 1" Buttons, PapayaWhip, About 25mm In Diameter, 100

4-Hole Buttons for Shirts, Wooden Buttons, PapayaWhip<P>Size: about 25mm in diameter, 100pcs/bag<P>Many beautiful handicraft are made by these cute

Fluid drilling system with drill string and retro jets

flush the relatively large cuttings from the holediameter (12.5 mm) to provide it with with the hose passing through the whipstock,

System, apparatus and method for abrasive jet fluid cutting

hose for receiving a coherent abrasive jet-fluid diameter is about 100 mm or larger, and more whip-stock wedge placed in the casing at the

Stress relief device

diameter with a rigid end fitting which must "Whip Tests" set forth in the SAE handbook forhose" which can withstand large displacement

3in Diameter SK COOKIE1: :

method to the split graft for use on stocks 2-4 cm in diameter.The stocks are too large to chip-bud and whip-graft completely. This

a high content of silica with only minor diameter deviations

A process is described for manufacturing vertically withdrawn pipes from quartz glass or glasses having a high content of silica with only minor diameter

Air whip

whereby said third portion whips violently against said surface to loosen while the larger diameter base portion 42a is sufficiently flexible to

Whip Restraints - Hose-Hose Type

Industrial Products Various Cables Whip Restraints - Hose-Hose Type Code For Hose Diameter in Length in Diameter of Cable Used in Weight / ea approx lbs

Ball and socket breakaway connector

A relatively stiff, large diameter resilient element 114 used in conjunctionbreak-away events, the system does not require a whip hose or the like

Apparatus and Method for Lateral Well Drilling Utilizing a

larger maximum diameter than any non-compressible hose; if cuttings become entrapped between one orborehole or has been retracted into the whip

Torque resistent whipstock

(32,34) being sealingly interconnected between the whipstock (24) and the and leaves a large diameter seal bore after retrieval of the deflection

Pneumatic tool with muffler

large size resulting in excessive tool bulk, hose 11 which includes a "whip" portion 12 anddiameter to prevent rapid flow of air through

run in whipstock and method for setting in large diameter

200112-A whipstock assembly 10 for setting within a casing C on an anchor A diverts a cutting mill M to cut a window in the casing. The whipstock

Multi-orifice algae cleaning tip for pool whip hoses

A hollow cylindrical cleaning tip installed in the free end of a whip hose assembly dislodges algae and particulate matter adhered pool surfaces and causes